Join the Thimble Island Community Supported Fishery

The Thimble Island Community Supported Fisheries program (CSF) is the first in Connecticut and second in the U.S.. Modeled after land-based CSAs, we’ve created a sustainable way for local residents to eat local, help restore the shoreline’s ocean ecosystem, and support local shellfish farmers. This program is designed to be hyper-local, so it’s only available for people located in the New Haven-Guilford-Madison area of CT.

Here’s how our CSF works: Members pay an annual fee toward our farm’s operating costs and, in return, receive a monthly share of our shellfish harvest. CFA’s are based on the idea that to produce local sustainable food, growers and consumers need to share the risks and benefits of food production. In other words, you invest in our farm and get local sustainable seafood in return!

Unfortunately, CSF Shares are currently full. We well be reopening shares in February of 2016. If you would like to be placed on a first come first serve wait list, please fill out this contact form.